For us as specialists in scent marketing and fragrance development another main issue occurred soon – smell elimination of unpleasant odors in industrial and commercial areas. We quickly recognized that the private sector also provides a large field of improving the indoor air. Due to this reason we launched the trademark reimador® 12 years ago. The goal was to substantially improve conventional products in terms of quality, reliability and functioning.

Smell killer and vacuum cleaner scent offered in various fragrances are an important part of our product range. Since many years those have a high acceptance among our customers regarding their high quality and reliability. In addition to those we perfected the reimador® port folio with professional chimney cleaner, stainless steel cleaner as well as silicone spray.



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What is an absorber?

How does it work?

The used smell killer OM-Ega 30* which we use in our reimador® smell killer products and in our reimador® vacuum cleaner products is a high effective absorber. The effect is not based on a short term smell covering but on a long lasting effect of bad smell elimination of the substances where negative smells occur or grains which cause the development of negative smells. The active substance OM-Ega 30 is the zinc salt of the natural caster oil plant acid. On this active substance the smell molecules are bound. Unpleasant smells are getting absorbed. The main smell causing molecules (amino nitrogen’s and sulphur hydrogen’s) which are found in the smells of nicotine, sweat, urine, spoiled fish, rotten eggs, … etc as well as mercapto-sulphur-compounds which are found in garlic, onions, faeces, … are getting eliminated and not just covered. The effect has been proofed in cooperation with well known universities. OM-EGA 30 is already been used very successful in different cosmetic products which are available in world wide retail trade. Further it is an approved ingredient of deodorants, odorants and deo-roll on.

*The exact name of the absorber has been changed in the above seen description.

Principle of the triple effect:

  • removes musty smells
  • neutralizes bad smells
  • refresh’s the air with a pleasant smell


Nothing for skunks: Smell Killer

deep cleanliness: Furniture Leather Cleaner

smooth & effective: Furniture Leather Care

Fire at will: Chimney & Oven Cleaner

for prized possession: Stainless Steel Cleaner & Care

The Allrounder: Multi Purpose Silicone Spray

fresh & clean: Vacuum Cleaner


reimador smell killer flower

New reimador® scents are in the air!

We expanded our product range and added two new fragrances in our standard program.

The first one is a green, warm fragrance like beautiful flowers which welcomes the spring time and surprises you with the scent FLOWER.

However, if you already mentally in the summer months we recommend the scent SUMMER. In this scent fresh and fruity notes are united for the perfect fragrance of the summertime.

Both fragrances are available for reimador® smell killer and as reimador® Vacuum Cleaner scent.


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